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We are " i saved the fish " a Paris based creative studio born in 2016, obsessed by hand craft embroidery & one of the kind vintage/second hand pieces. 

Our vision is to share love, render clothing eternal through fashion and create pure, ethic, sustainable, timeless pieces, unique pieces. 

We believe that fashion has a power to change perspective and influence the world in a good way. 


Embroidered with love and passion... 

Our products are designed and made by us in our Paris based studio, some pieces are embroidered in Madagasacar by talented artisans. 


The handcrafted embroidery is very common there. Their particularity is that inside identical as outside. The details and quality are very unique. Their works need to be seen and valuated more. 

Our heart

What we want to do is to help them to earn a living from their passion, which is embroidery. We wish to make them able to work at home and take care of their family in avoid to run for several jobs at the same time. On each embroidery they make, their name are signed and 100% is reversed to them. 

We collaborate with six talented embroiders in Madagascar, who are at first trained for several months to acquire more technics and creativity to embroider our beautiful pieces. 

We believe that embroidery could save life and make people happy. 


INSPIRED BY LIFE, i saved the fish means: 

"Fishers of men" We love this meaning. This significance represents our vision. We can see so many people around us who are calling to be rescued. If each person could be connected to another to reach out, the poverty could disappear... 

Each embroidery is inspired by a true story and it is connected to help one person in Madagascar. 

We believe in using creativity to express what matters most in life, story of people. Each embroidery tells a story. 

We pray that one day fashion could stop poverty and violence to make a better world. 

We believe in miracles. 


We conceive three different types of products.

- REBORN: upcycled unique pieces. We hunt beautiful and original vintage/second hand pieces to give them a new life. They are reshaped, hand embroidered, patchworked and reworked in other many creative ways. 

We do our best to not overproduce and be a zero trash brand. Our handcrafted patches are made by using upcycled fabric and garments. 

-UBORN: Personalized pieces. You give birth to suggested basics pieces which you can customize by hand embroidery. We also customize your personal pieces. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

-THEYBORN: For Madagascar. Those products ate 100% reversed to Mamitiana orphan and artisans in Madagascar.