Handcrafted with love & passion in Madagascar.

#FRIENDSOFFISHPROJECT is a non profit business charity project founded in 2018 and supported by i saved the fish.  This project aims to help people in Madagascar to earn a living from their passions, take care of their families and sending their children to school and have a regular consultation of health. 

We believe that embroidery could save life and make people happy.

- Why this project is important -

Madagascar is one of the poorest country in the world. It is hard to earn a living from their passions. 

In the country, the hand crafted embroidery is very common. Since their very young age, many women acquire the technics to help family into business. But the fact is that this profession is very competitive in the market.  Many retailers and buyers take advantage of this competition to reduce the price t minimum. 

To be an artisan is not considered as a know-how job anymore. It became very hard to exercise this profession with passion. 

Everyday starts with several jobs in the same time and they deal with the incredible struggle of trying to provide families needs. 



talented group of women in Madagascar.  

We are mums, artisans, women, wives, students…

The women are at first trained for several months to acquire more technics and creativity, to be able to provide high quality embroidery and make the difference in the local market with their own touch of creativity.  



Through this project we would like to expend the embroidery market abroad and collaborate with companies which need embroidery service.

Our embroiders create a very unique and beautiful range of fashion and linen embroideries.  One of the most famous Malagasy embroidery is " Point peinture à l'aiguille ". The inside finishing is identical as outside. The finishing and the details are very unique. In our shop you could find Friendsoffish unique pieces made by our talented embroiders in Madagascar.

On each embroidery they make, their name are signed and 100% of labour is reversed to them. 

We wish to make them able to work at home and take care of their family in avoid to run for several jobs at the same time.

 Send us a note if you have any questions or ideas of collaborations.

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SUPPORT THE PROJECT “Friends of fish”

If each person could be connected to another to reach out, the poverty could disappear.

We pray that one day fashion could stop poverty and violence to make a better world. -Amen-

When you donate to "FRIENDS OF FISH" you are not only helping these women support themselves but you are empowering them to become independent and also provide an education and hope to their children. Thank you for your gift and being there for these amazing people.